Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Ex Daniel Alvarez Speaks Out

If you watched last night's ep of Teen Mom, you saw uber-bitch Farrah Abraham get dipped out on at the airport by her short-lived beau Daniel Alvarez.

Even though she's a nightmare of a human being, I'll admit, I felt bad for her.  Until I read his side, that is...

Speaking to E! Online, Daniel set some things straight >

"I did watch the episode and have mixed feelings about what appears to be my last appearance on the show. I'm disappointed to see that they [MTV] jumped from a lovely dinner to me ditching her in Austin, which wasn't the case," Alvarez insists.

"The breakup happened after our dinner and after a night out on the town. It began with Farrah completely degrading not only a helpless and innocent fast-food drive-thru attendant but also two of my closest friends. At that point, I chose to cut ties with her and after a brief but direct argument, I sent her back to the hotel with a close friend of mine," he tells us. "Farrah already knew we were done and that I was not planning on taking the same flight back as her. The cameras fortunately/unfortunately didn't capture our breakup, so that is why I believe it jumped from a very merry and high-spirited scene to an unpleasant one."

Alvarez also reveals that he never had any intention to marry Abraham, despite her pushing for a ring. "I've stated before that a healthy relationship has to be cultivated over time and cannot go from a few weeks of dating to marriage. And for me, marriage is a one-time thing so I'm not looking to take a leap of faith over a six-week dating session," he says. "Farrah's name calling and continued badgering of my name has no solid backing and comes out of spite towards me. Actions speak louder than words and we've all witnessed many of hers."

Ack!  I kneeeew some shit must've went down!  To not even want to take the same flight as her back to Florida was shady as hell, yo!      

Farrah defended herself on her blog calling Daniel "immature" and saying that he "needs mental help" lol!  Ouch!  He's since done a few more interviews with WetPaint etc. (hit up google) but they're all pretty similar.

Farrah's hot and all but a hot asshole is still an asshole, ya know?

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  1. Good for him. Sorry, but she just sounded desperate. All she did was talk marriage, wedding dresses, rings... she has a CHILD she shouldn't be fantasizing about marrying a guy she's known for a few weeks and bringing him into her child's life. I can't imagine a mother of a toddler would even hop on a plane with a man she's only known for a month. That's not responsible or rational. Getting to know someone on that level takes time, and as a mother, why would you rush that? You're just asking for heart break for you and your child.

    1. Totaaaally agree - I'll be posting some excerpts from her book soon and they are GNARLY. Thanks a lot for commenting. Cheers. :)

  2. Daniel seemed to be a very upstanding young man and I was proud that he represented Texas with his NO BULL attitude towards Farrah. From the very beginning I wondered what this fine fellow saw in the young vamp. She is absolutely delusional and 100% full of herself.

    When they sat down to dinner with Daniel's parents, I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, but I HAD NO IDEA of how truly insane Farrah was until she started talking to his step-mom about her inability to have children. WHAT A BITCH!!!!! I have never known anyone as shallow or insensitive as Farrah, thank goodness, and am so glad Daniel was as smart as he is handsome! I wish him the best in his future. He will make some girl very lucky one day!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated!