Alexis Bellino on Buying Followers - It Wasn't Me!

Lol - Ooookay...

I don't mind Alexis - she comes off a little duuuh at times and she is definitely materialistic - but whatevs...there's worse things than being superficial.

Lately, Bravo's "ladies" of the Real Housewives have been under fire for buying twitter followers.  This has been backed up by using twitter monitoring sites which show irregular jumps in followers.  I'm talking super irregular jumps...like when Jesus Jugs gained 30k in a day.

Former bestie Gretchen, her man Slade and Tamra jumped all over that shit and even put her on blast on twitter and on Slade's radio show (which by the way is surprisingly good - Go on, Slade!  I ain't hatin'!)

Alexis (never one to keep her trap shut) took to Fox News (this is soooo not news) to give her explanation of the boom in followers >

"Let me be very clear on this issue, neither myself nor members of my team have ever purchased a Twitter fan...What I have learned is that someone else can do this to my account, and it's very interesting how this chain of events has unfolded, and how certain people seem so knowledgeable and opinionated about what is happening to my account."

Translation - those bitches Tamra and Gretchen must've done it!

I'm not really buying it though.  I know Tamra and Gretchen can be psychotic (especially when teamed up) but I certainly don't think they have some sort of nefarious plan to take down Alexis using social media.

I wouldn't be surprised either way though...

Naked wasted anyone?

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