Zack Morris Got Married

Haha!  Zack Morris was my jam back in the day!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was the Ferris Bueller of Bayside and generally spent most of his time buggin' Mr. Belding and talking on a fucking HUGE cell phone in the squeaky clean Saved by the Bell on NBC in the 90s.

And make no mistake - that shit was 90s!  Now he stars on some lawyer show that looks pretty dope with the stoner dude from Clueless called Franklin and Bash...

Well, on Saturday Preppy went and got hitched to his lady of a few years (who wasn't on Saved by the Bell - Boo!) Catriona McGinn.  They wed at a winery in Cali, Neil Lane designed the ring, blah, blah, cliche wedding shit, blah...

No word on if Kelly Kopowski and Slater were there but I betcha Screech wasn't!  Sex tape making jerk off!  And did y'all catch him on Celeb Fit Club?  Hooooly effin douchebag!  Poor Jessie Spano was prob off hopped up on caffeine pills and waiting for her next big musical break at The Max - expect more Showgirls less I'm So Excited this time 'round.

Gosselaar and McGinn will be headed to Italy for their honeymoon where Flushels the Clown told People Mag that they will "Eat their asses off!"

In case any of you stalking motherfuckers wanna get your...you know, stalk on.

(Just kidding - don't do that creepy shit!)

But I digress...Congrats!!!

Image Via www.people.com

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