OctoUpdate! Nadya Suleman is Single Again and Looking For Donations!

In today's not shocking at all news TMZ is reporting that Octomom and her piece, Frankie G., have split up!


It would seem that after three months of living in OctoWorld Frankie has been humped and dumped.  Octomom informed her gal pals that she was too busy to have a serious relationship with a greasy man who wears neon likes it's the fucking 80s.  (That's not a direct quote.)

As we all know, Octo is VERY busy with stripping, self-pleasuring porn productions and loan commercials.  Oh yeah, and she has 14 kids...that's a bit of a handful I bet.

In other stupid Octomom news, she has now taken to the net looking for handouts donations.  Sources say she's looking to get about $150K.  

In these ECONOMIC TIMES!?!  Dream on!

You see, she was evicted because she pisses away her money on cable and bottled water and now she needs a new home.  On her GoFundMe site, she has already received a whopping 6 donations ranging from 5-50 bucks.    

Now, obvi I don't want any kiddies to be homeless and shit but I don't know about this latest "moneymaker."  She needs to get an OctoJob, yo!  At least something with a modicum of security...

Good luck, OctoKids!

Image Via www.usmagazine.com

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