Massacre In Colorado at the Dark Knight Rises Premiere...

What the fuck?

Last night, the worst mass shooting since Columbine took place in Colorado when a monster strolled into an Aurora Cineplex during the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and "methodically" opened fire, killing 12 and injuring at least 50 movie-goers.  He set off a smoke bomb 30 mins. into the flick, entered through a side door and started shooting randomly.

24-year-old James Holmes (a former med student from San Diego pictured above - Via TMZ) was the shooter and was captured by police in the parking lot after a flood of 911 calls poured in from the theatre.  One of the victims was six-years-old...

The fucking psychopath donned a bullet-proof vest, a gas mask a la Bane and had a rifle and handgun on him upon arrest...he also had dyed red hair and told them he was the 'Joker.'

The cops searched his apartment today and the motherfucking place was "heavily" boobytrapped!  Who does that?  

Rot, bitch.  Rot...

Image Via www.humanevents.com

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