Other Snooki Got Arrested - VIDEO

Other Snooki (Deena Cortese) got arrested yesterday afternoon in Seaside Heights for disorderly conduct and of course...

It was alllll caught on tape for her bastard kids to watch once she gets knocked up at Karma.

BUT > Much like I believe the Jersey Shore will be with a bunch of knocked up sober people rippin' around, this vid is LAME.  The mouthbreather taping the incident is kind of funny though.

Dude captured Other Snooki (Jersey Shore camera crew in tow) getting arrested and he sounds sooo proud.  Props, brah...props.   

It's no 'Snooki Arrest' of yore but whatevs...Around 1:09 is when the noodlehead meatball gets arrested.

Her parents have since bailed her out (pictured above).

Image Via www.tmz.com

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