Video of the Day! Madonna Shows That Born This Way IS Express Yourself

In the words of that beautiful vested bastard Nelson from The Simpsons...


Back in the day when Lady Gaga jacked one of the most famous Madonna songs ever, Express Yourself, I bet she didn't see this coming!  Sure, GooGoo knew that Madonna was a little irked she ripped her off because frankly, it was a straight up fucking heist - same chord changes and all, and Madge had mentioned in interviews that it was a redone version of her song.  CaCa called the whole thing 'retarded' (BAD WORD!  DON'T DO THAT!) which is typical of  some idiot 20-something year old rich kid from NY...

Well, check out the mash-up Madonna did in Tel Aviv of the two songs.

I'm no music mogul but it sounds pretty damn seamless to me!

Oh and email me all you want with your hate Little Monsters (they DO! - they're rabid little buggers!)  All I'm saying is that it's not real - Gaga's schtick - I mean...

The emperor has no clothes.

(And no, that disgusting, stinky ass meat dress doesn't count as clothes.  Y'all KNOW that so stop pretending THAT was fashion.)

Image Via www.markatlarge.com

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