This Lady was STALKED by a Kangaroo For 2 Days Before It Beat the Hell Out of Her!

Stalking motherfucker!

Some poor lady, Kirrily McWilliams, who lives down under obvi was maliciously stalked and then beaten...by a goddamn jerk kangaroo!  

She says that the 'roo had confronted her twice before the incident in as many days and had been throwing her some mad bitchy shade - even attacking her awesome Mastiff one of the times...

The 'roo (who clearly has issues) came running at her the third time she saw her and McWilliams curled up into a ball to avoid an attack.  That shit didn't work though and the bugger clawed at her with her hind legs before finally bounding away.  McWilliams has a 12 inch scar to show for the throw down!

The bitchy kangaroo is also responsible for attacking three others in the area including her husband when she was in the hospital with her injuries.


Officials finally shot the 'roo (aw!) so now people in the area can chill out a bit...

RIP mean kangaroo - I doooo love animals - but stalking and attacking is NEVER okay!  I don't care how cute your furry ass is!

Images Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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