Amber Portwood to Judge - I'll ALWAYS be a Bad Girl Send my Ass to Jail

Damn!  I feel so bad for that kid, Leah!

One of the more notorious criminals on MTV's Teen Mom (yes, they have MANY criminals on TM and 16 and Stupid Pregnant - 10 by my last count), Amber Portwood, just told a judge to send her ass to jail because she thinks she will always be a "bad girl".

Shit woman!  Tell him how you really feel!  And isn't your teen mom ass only 20 or something???  Bitch, you haven't even started life yet!

The whole scene went down when the troubled reality star was in court today in regards to beating up some chick at an IHOP.  She faced 5 years in jail unless she could keep off drugs and stop beating the crap out of innocent people but she says that she just can't bear to do that.  Wow!

Her lawyer supposedly sat there with his jaw on the floor, shaking his head while his client fessed up to just wanting to be all FML throw me in jail.  Gnarly!

Portwood said she "can't stand" the drug program she has to be on to stay out of jail and if it means she has to be in the clink for her full five year sentence - she'd rather take it.

She's currently on her way to a jail in Madison where she awaits sentencing.

In other Teen Mom news, Jenelle got a boob job and a Jetta and Kieffer Delp is selling weed tobacco pipes (Via Twitter.)

I fucking WEEP for the next generation!  So sad...

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