It's Gonna Be a GUIDO for Snooki!

Oh thank fuck!  I cannot deal with another stupid woman running around acting a damn fool covered in leopard print and carrying a copy of Kim K's book!

Yes guys, this kid may just have a shot, yet!

MTV has just announced via the Meatball and Jionni LaValle that their upcoming little bugger will be a guido!

The two leading names are Lorenzo and Jionni Jr. - Creative!

Snooks had wanted a guidette to corrupt but alas it wasn't in the cards.  

The six month preggers Snooki is currently filming and living with JWoww and her ginormous boobies.

Do us all a favor and keep that kid away from his greasyass uncle possible father The Situation...that guy would teach him some duuumb shit.


Image Via www.urbanmag-online.com

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