Video of the Day! The Carlton Dance is Back! In Flash Mob Form!

Nice to see humans are using their new penchant for flash mobbing to do some important shit!  Bet hey, it's totally entertaining and at least it's not one of those dickhead shoplifting flash mobs...

Those guys are idiots.

Anywho - check out THIS blast from the 90s past >

STILL got it!

I like it!  You gotta embrace it, man!  Being an old school star, I mean.

I don't want to really go there cuz' dude's peaced out, but if you just turn into a bitter bastard like Gary Coleman you'll end up as an angry little nugget security guard who wants to take on the world.  Just chill!  Hell, I get sent tips about Mr. Belding sometimes!  MR. BELDING!  lol - he's a great example of someone who still makes a little bank off his retro-fame...and HE loves it!

Image Via www.thesun.co.uk

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