This Guy was Squatting in Diddy's Hampton Mansion for 11 Years

Oh snap!  If you're gonna squat somewhere squat at Diddy's, yo!

This guy above, Quamine Taylor, was arrested on April 1st for staying in Diddy's Hampton mansion without permission.  Bro was sleeping in his Egyptian cotton sheets, drinking his Cristal and chowing down on his pretentious food when a caretaker found him upstairs in the home.  He says he snuck in through the UNLOCKED BASEMENT DOOR (wink, wink) and he's been doing it since 2001!

Party like a rock star, dude!

He told cops he "stays there a lot" but that Diddy "gets funny sometimes about [him] staying there."

Yeah, people sometimes get that way when you steal their shit...

Way to squat though!  No shitty warehouses for you, eh?  WERK!

Image Via www.bossip.com

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