A Bunch of Dumbasses Tried to Rob the CEO of AlarmForce's Home

Today in dumb criminal news, we take a look at a group of guys who decided it would be a good idea to commit a B and E.  These idiots wanted to go big or go home though so they targeted a huge mansion in a wealthy neighborhood in Toronto.  That home belonged to a man named Joel Matlin...oh, and he just happens to be the Chief Operating Officer of AlarmForce, a $20 million a year security company.


It's called Google, assholes!  I get that crooks don't always check who they're robbing but if you're not nickle and diming it in the slums and you're looking to go after a whale, you may want to check out the addy on the net, man...

None of you should be robbing ANYONE though!!!  (Note the triple exclamation marks used for effect.)

The mansion was obvi outfitted with the sickest Bond-style security shit known to man and Matlin saw the would be thieves casing his crib on his cell phone - He then told the popo to be on red alert in case they came back.  When they did return at 4:30 am they woke his stepson (who they didn't know was sleeping upstairs) when they cut the phone lines.  The alarm system has a digital voice that tells you if the phone lines have been cut!  How cool is that?

Though they got away that night, the police have since arrested three suspects in the case and charged them with the burglary.

Seriously!  Google, man...takes two minutes.

Image Via www.saveland.ca

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