Ginger Alert! This Pop Star Trick Might Be Trying to Bang Prince Harry!

Not on my watch, fuck you very much!

Ugh, this stupid girl is allegedly trying to bang Prince Harry and steal the princess crown that is rightfully mine!

It's totally sick and twisted...

Her name is Mollie King and she sings for a UK band called The Saturdays which appears to be some sort of shitty Pussycat Dolls sort of thing...BOOOOO!  The two have been friends for about two years, hang out mostly in a group and like to go to karaoke and hit the pubs.  Sources say that they are trying to keep the "budding romance" under wraps...for now.

Ugh, just look at her!  Totally rocking those fabu trend-of-the-moment red jeans and being all hot and supersexy...Whore.

I hate her.

I hate her soooo much.

Title Image Via www.hollyscoop.com
Post Image Via www.thedailymail.co.uk

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