The Simpson's Real Springfield is in Oregon Hazzah!

Matt Groening has finally confessed the answer to one of the age old questions of our time - Where the hell is Springfield???

In a recent interview with Smithsonian Magazine he stated that the iconic animated town is actually Springfield, Oregon.  Exciting!

The creator said that he dug the show Father Knows Best when he was a kid and it was based in a place called Springfield.  Groening also commented that he liked the fact the Springfield was the most common name in the US because then a lot of people could think it was their Springfield.

Check out the places in the real town versus their show location counterparts.

The buildings aren't all that similar to the show - But pretty cool that it's the legit Springfield either way.

Title Image Via www.theworldsbestever.com
Post Images Via www.gizmodo.com

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