Slade Smiley Nailed on The Red Carpet By a "Bill Collector" - VIDEO


This is crazy!

A "bill collector" on the red carpet last night approached Slade Smiley and Gretchen Rossi and let the alleged deadbeat dad have it!  He went at Slade tooth and nail about moneys owed to Michelle Arroyo for their son Grayson who is very ill with cancer.

Check it out >


UPDATE:  Gretchen just commented on twitter about the incident:

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It goes on and on defending Slade.  Personally, I've seen some pretty shady court papers on the matter that do verify Arroyo's stance however, I'm not about to act like I know the full story here.  Either way, it's an ugly mess with a sick little guy in the middle and I do hope they can resolve these issues for Grayson.

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