MTV may Phase out Snooki and the Situation for New Blood

Oh thank you baby Jebus!!!

I don't mind Snooki so much but I HATE the Situation!  Get his greasy, little girl ass outta there!

TMZ is reporting that MTV is looking to counteract it's "stars" public issues by phasing them out of the series next season...apparently, the Situation's pill poppin' and Snooki's upcoming bastard guidobaby are posing a problem for the show, making them look like enabling assholes who exploit their "talent".

Producers are looking for new talent to fold into the existing cast and will minimize any Snooki/Situation blow job fighting.  Yay!  I couldn't take one more minute of that BJ shit!

As we say up here in Canada - Give 'er!

Image Via www.film.com

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