Putting Bread Around Your Cat's Head is a Thing Now

Are we bored?  I feel like we might be bored.  We invent things like adult onesies and bacon perfume and don't seem to mind a lick that we haven't stopped domestic hunger and made healthcare available to everyone...

Want proof?  Well, I got your proof, you proof-hungry bitches!

Introducing "Breading."

Fuck planking - Nowadays, it's all about sticking a piece of bread around your cat's cute, wittle face, taking a picture of it, uploading it to the internet and then waiting for your cat to kill you in your sleep in a sick revenge plot.  It's a social experiment in crazy, and it's blowin' up my pop culture radar...

Check it...

Image Via www.gawker.com

Image Via www.knowyourmeme.com

Image Via www.mako.co.il

Disclaimer - If you do this and your cat kills you for making him look like an asshole, that's on you, man!  You've been warned.  Kitty revenge is no joke!  NO JOKE!!  (Seriously, it usually involves their ammonia-stank pee.)

Title Image Via www.gawker.com

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