Justin Timberlake Supposedly Put a Ring on Shelf Ass Jessica Biel

Stupid Jessica Biel...If he's gonna marry anyone, it should be that sassy pants Cameron Diaz!  Ignore the man arms!  Those aren't a dealbreaker...or were they?  DUN, DUN, DUN...

Anywho, tabloids are abuzz with the rumor that mah boo JT proposed to Biel last month on a ski vacay in Jackson, Wyoming.  The shitstorm was set off by UsWeekly which isn't exactly CNN so...I'll believe it when I see it...

They report in the latest issue that an insider told them, "Justin knows how much she loves snowboarding and the mountains, so it was the perfect place."

(Oh barf.)

They go on to say, "After a brief three-month split in 2011, Biel made it clear that she wanted to spend her life with Timberlake, 30."  Well duh!  Who doesn't want to spend their life with Justin Timberlake?  Not exactly breaking news there...

Oooh, but here's a juicier nugget of maybe truth > "Another Timberlake insider" (whatever the fuck that is) told the rag that JT has "never been happier" and "...knew it was the right time to propose."

Boo!  He should just pull a George Clooney and bang his way through Hollywood.  He's rich, young and hot!  That's what I'd do anyway...(but I've been told I'm a bit off.) 

UPDATE 05/01/2011:  Ooooh!  Justin's MeeMaw or Gram Grams or whatever says it's true - Check out the article at RadarOnline.

Image Via www.usmagazine.com

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