Oh Shiz! Jill Zarin Wants Finder's Fee For Bethenny Frankel???

What kind of crazy ass crack is this bitch smokin'?

Let me start by saying, I don't like Jill Zarin.  I don't like Bethenny Frankel either though - generally people are of one team or the other...Not this cat though - They're both a couple of yahoos if you ask me but I'll be damned if these two don't know how to keep a feud going...reality-show-style!  It should be noted that Jill is the one who runs her mouth about Bethenny and puts her ass on blast any chance she gets.  For the most part it seems B keeps quiet - prob all hopped up on Skinnygirl product...

So, the Hollywood Reporter has currently done some pretty rad articles on a few of the Bravolebrities (as well as the series as a whole) and one such "star" featured was none other than J to the Z!  Check out some excerpts from the interview:

On if she was pissed that Bravo canned her and that noisy bitch Ginger:
I was upset because I was told to put my life on hold. But I didn't argue, I wasn't going to try to sell anyone. I said, "OK. Thank you for everything you've done for me." Andy Cohen called shortly after, which I'm sure was a difficult thing to do. He gave me the respect I deserved considering I committed four years of my life to the show. He said they wanted the series to go in a different direction and that last season ended very dark -- which I find ironic because they could have controlled that. I filmed many happy scenes that the network canned.

First off, I'm with that slick mofo Mario, I don't think she works.  I think she shops and lunches and hangs with Zang Toi and dines and buys and...you get the pic.  So putting her life on hold isn't exactly like when Obama puts his life on hold.  Kudos for the Andy shout out though!  Keep those Bravo doors open, you lil' ginger snap.  (I've heard rumblings she wants to go all co-asshole on a show with Patti Stanger - but I'm ignoring that shit and hoping it just goes away.)

On what she learned from conniving her way through four seasons:
The show made women in their 40s and 50s relevant again. Hollywood is all about young girls, and this was an opportunity that didn't require us to be young and beautiful. It's real women. But I won't miss the lying and the fighting. And I won't miss the stress over clothes. I had to have 80 outfits for the season, and I would totally stress over that.

LOL - does she know that she doesn't have to lie?  Oh sure, I'm sure most of these ladies are FOS but non so calculating about it as JZ.  Remember Amazongate?  Unreal!    

On if the show is faker than she is:
It's a TV show, not a documentary. It's not scripted, but it is edited. It doesn't mean we didn't live it, it just means they focus on a particular storyline. With New Jersey, they were brilliant to film season four before season three aired. They had to. Bravo had no delusions that they set up Teresa [Giudice] by hiring her sister-in-law and cousin without letting her know. It's understandable Teresa would be upset. The show couldn't film now: Teresa and Caroline [Manzo] won't even be in the same room, and Jacqueline [Laurita] quit. As a cast, they're kaput.

Someone is all Team Teresa, rawr!  And what's with bringin' up Jersey?  You stay your ass in New York, Jill!  No soup crossover for you!

On money and arch nemesis Bethenny Frankel:
[Rumors of salary issues being a problem are] absolutely untrue. First of all, we were finally making a decent amount of money last season. That was never a concern. They're getting a lot of money now, so that's another thing I'm disappointed about. I didn't get to make the money I feel I deserved. I didn't just help make the show popular; I cast it. I brought in Bethenny [Frankel], and I don't get a percentage of anything she spins off. The first, second and third season salary pretty much added up to the fourth season. I worked really hard.

She cast it?  In her wet dreams she cast it!  And a percentage of the anything B spins off?  Lawd!  Why not just take little Bryn too?

Like damn, woman!  Shut up already.

Image Via www.hollywoodreporter.com

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