Demi Lovato Tells Seventeen Mag She Did Some Badass Shit

I don't know who the hell this Demi Lovato chick is but I have a general idea...she's one of those infamous Disney hos that graduated from child stardom to rehab.  Seen it a few times by this point...song sounds the same...the names just change from Britney to Miley to Lindsay to Demi to...

You get the picture.

Demi, from what I gather, is one of the sassier little buggers to come out of the slore machine at Disney Studios and she recently gave a pretty candid interview to Seventeen Magazine about booze, drugs, eating disorders and fights with Miley.  Rawr!

I'm not gonna lie. I was self-medicating. I was doing things like drinking and using [drugs], like a lot of teens do to numb their pain. [But now] I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't throw up after my meals, I don't starve myself. There's nothing that I do that I feel ashamed of.

There were two people [there for me]. No matter how many times we fight, we will always be in each others' lives. [Miley and I] are very strong-headed, so when we fight, it's brutal and we're like, 'We're never going to be friends again!' Then two days later, we're like, 'I love you and I miss you!'

Selena Gomez and I, we never fight. She's not a confrontational person at all. Both of them will never leave my life no matter what happens, because we've been through so much together.

Okay, okay, so the excerpt isn't all that juicy but it was sent to me under the premise that the fights with Miley were more tear 'em up, ass whuppin sort of fights.  My bad.   

But it is nice to hear that she's all BFFs with Selena and Miley...

Like a fucking tripod! 

Stay cool, ladies.  Don't want to see any more LiLos out there rippin' around.  And frankly, Linds keeps me busy enough blogging as it is.

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