Danielle Staub Wins "Scores" Lawsuit - You Can't Make Me Strip, Yo!

For those who don't know what the hell this Scores lawsuit was about (it's all sooo last year), everyone's fave prostitution whore had basically been sued by the stripping giant last year after she signed a contract with them to strip, took an upfront payment of $25k in cash and then turned around and said she had low self esteem and would never strip again...it was all a bunch of typical Housewife fuckery.  

Scores wasn't buying her brand of cray though and was all Aw hells nah woman! and ended up suing her for $375k.

Due to a "vague" contract - Staub was found innocent yesterday (no word on if she had to give back the $25k but I doubt it) and doesn't have to worry about those bastards making her strip like she promised them she would...in a contract...that she signed to strip for them...in her kid's blood...(too far?)  

So stupid.

Congrats Danielle, but watch your back!  Scores can bring the case back however if "new information" comes to light.  Dun, dun, DUN!

Image Via www.tmz.com


  1. It's pathetic she got herself into that situation in the first place. That said, I'm glad she won for the sake of her daughters...who seem relatively normal compared to other reality tv kids.

  2. I think her kids are amazing! Agreed. Thanks for commenting.