Mila Kunis Chicken Lawsuit > Mila's All Bitch Please - Kristina Karo Turds Up TMZ (VIDEOS)

Mila Kunis chicken lawsuit...why can't I quit youuuuu?!?

Okay so I know it's pretty stupid to have even posted one word about this tinsel town garbage let alone written two blog posts about it but I think this is some funny shit!

If you're just tuning in you may want to check out the initial post Here.  Admittedly, it's one of my more verbose posts and I could've cut a significant amount of the fat but screw it, you gotta live right?

So here it is - post number two about a wannabe Ukrainian pop star named Kristina Karo and a chicken named Doggie who may or may not of been stolen by super awesome Mila Kunis.  Editor's Note:  The fuck he was! 

In the red corner we have Mila and Ashton - the Hollywood power couple took a hot minute to weigh in on this little nugget of madness via video and basically farted in her general direction, figuratively speaking. ;)

Haha - No Green Card for you!

And then we have Karo - the Lady Gaga of chicken lawsuits - in all her infinite fucking wisdom she thought it would be a kick ass idea to go on TMZ and explain what the hell is wrong with her and...I'll just be realz, it did NOT go well.

She's so demure lol.  And yeah, I see the chicken on the desk, woman!  Shreeeeewd!

I promise to stop posting about this crap now...probably...unless something else funny happens...then I might.

Ugh - What the hell is wrong with me?

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