Amber Portwood Got Toilet Water Thrown on Her in Jail - Wants to Quit Teen Mom

Man, they're going to have to start shooting Teen Mom eps from jail, y'all!  The two bad girls of the docu-series (Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans - not to mention Kieffer AKA Kieffahhhh! and his hoodie) just cannot seem to keep their butts out 'da clink!  Gangsta teen moms, G!

So - Portwood has been locked up for a whiles now - since before Christmas (her trial is set for the 27th) - for battery, public intoxication and possession stemming from when she beat the hell outta some chick at IHOP (classy!)  She was actually already in hot water for probation violations from her felony - when she smacked the crap out of that button-pushing, mouthbreather Gary - such as failing to submit a drug test, failing to go to anger management AND failing to make a court-ordered money deposit in an account for that cute little bugger Leah - the battery charge was just the icing on the violent ass unfit mother cake.

Anyways, she's been in the slammer for all that TOTALLY unacceptable shit and it is not going well according to The Daily Mail...

A source says while in jail she doesn't eat because some byotch threw her food tray on the floor and doesn't want to sleep much because some other byotch poured toilet water in her face while she was sleeping (presumably while she was dreaming about beating the crap out of someone.)  She gets threatened daily and has been moved from cell block to cell block in an attempt to save her from herself being on the shit end of a smackdown.

The source also says Portwood had an episode where she called Leah and Gary on Christmas and, upon finding out that they were spending the holidays with Gary's new woman, had one of her signature freak outs carrying on like a damn fool berating and blaming him for her probs.  He told her to kick rocks take responsibility for herself and hung up prompting her to say she didn't want to live anymore - now supposedly she's on suicide watch again (she attempted suicide last year around the time the shit hit the fan with CPS and her felony.)  DAMN!

The source also said that Amber never dreamed she'd get in this much trouble for her antics.  She thought that since she's a celebrity she'd be "in and out like Lindsay Lohan."  LOL - whoa!  Slow your roll, girlfriend!  Let's not get carried away...

Portwood is all about blaming MTV for her issues and says the show "exploited" and "pressured" her.  What?  Pressured her to what?  Be an asshole who beats people up?  Far as I can tell, she was a pretty sad case before MTV handed her the keys to the damn kingdom - complete with a nice little income...and then SHE threw it all away...

So now she says she wants out - to live a normal life - contract or not.  If you watch this drivel you know that she's into playing the blame game - it's always someone else's fault with this one - and MTV didn't do anything wrong but I say let her go, man!  Chick is just TOO DAMN ANGRY!  Can't handle emotions and shit...

(And by shit, I mean life.)

Oh and here's a bonus > If you're into it, check out this letter she sent her bro (AKA Bubby) from jail when she first went in I snagged off TMZ - I find it's pretty telling in terms of her thinking that she's a good "ro-model" [sic].

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