Lady Gaga is Banging This Guy

Bam!  Holy shadowy, black and white, 6-pack hotness!

But is this bitch blind?  Gaga's a damn pigface!  Smokin' body though (if you're into skinny hos but still!  PIGFACE and a half, yo!) 

But I digress, so this mouthbreather above, Taylor Kinney - is the piece of ass Lady Gaga is currently banging (allegedly).  She was spotted "enjoying a romantic stroll with [him] in California at Christmas."  This is according to Canoe.ca (you see, I would never use the words romantic stroll because I am not a douchebag.)

Anywho, dude is on a show called The Vampire Diaries that I have never seen and played her love interest in the video You And I.  This past Christmas was the first time the two have stepped out in public together for the first time being all together forever.  Now shit is trending, so I - consequently - am going to make fun of it. 

Sources report that they celebrated the holiday at a beach house Kinney shares with three other friends.  Gaga won't talk about the relationship (though she'll talk about every OTHER fucking thing to anyone who will listen) but told reporters last October, "You know, I don't talk about my love life, but I'm very happy."

Bleh - vile, vile woman/man.

Image Via www.fanpop.com

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