New Scientology Flick Says Tom Cruise Wanted Nicole Kidman's Phone Tapped

Poor Nicole was living in a cuckoo clock!

An upcoming HBO documentary, Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, takes a look inside the religion, its practices, some of its high profile members and apparently shit is NOT a good look.  

At a recent media event Alex Gibney (the director), Lawrence Wright (author of the book the movie is based upon), former Scientologist slash badass Canadian filmmaker Paul Haggis and Mike Rinder (former spokesman/top exec for Scientology) came together in New York to talk about the film.  

They specifically addressed part of the film regarding Xenu-loving Tom Cruise's ten year marriage to Nicole Kidman.  

Evidently controversial leader, David Miscavige, "...was afraid that Nicole Kidman was slowly taking Tom away from the church so there was a concerted effort to get him back."

Marty Rathbun (former Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center whatever the hell that means and current outspoken pain in the ass against the church since 2004) says in the new film that, "At Tom's behest" and "David Miscavige's request" he was told to "go and tap Nicole Kidman's phone."

Not cool jerkoffs.  Hashtag dick move et al.

Gibney said that part of the issue was that "Kidman's father was a practicing psychologist and that Scientology and psychology are two clashing ideologies."  I'm assuming that the other part of the "issue" is that she has more than half a brain and went all Willie Beaman "Fuck you coach, I ain't buying your brand" on his Top Gun ass.

It bears noting that Kidman has never spoken out against the religion during the marriage telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I've chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists––Connor and Isabella––and I utterly respect their beliefs."

Boss move.  Kidman was bomb in To Die For.

Nicole had only achieved level two of the doctrine before getting TFO Dodge and it has been alleged quite a few times that the church turned the kids against her with brainwashing tactics.

That's pretty fucked up.

Tom is a superstar in the religion, 3rd man in line to the crazy throne after L. Ron Hubbard and Miscavige.  He's also Prince Xenu or whatever because he helped Miscavige mainstream Scientology back in the day and has since been a pawn instrumental in recruiting for the church.

Rinder says, "The circumstances surrounding that and his description of what happened, rings so true...The mindset of Nicole isn't really with the program so here we go back to disconnection, except it's got a nicer name, it doesn't exactly get presented that way to Tom Cruise. It's 'Tom, she's not good for you, you better straighten out here and get your life in order and we'll help you.' That dictatorial control and efforts to control people’s lives is really the ebb and flow of the Church of Scientology, particularly under the reign of David Miscavige."

He went on to say that, "If the F.B.I. broke down the doors tomorrow and said, 'You are all free to go,' [the Scientologists] would all turn around and say, 'No, we are perfectly happy here.' There aren't walls [locking these people in]. There aren't guards. There aren't bars on the windows. It is a prison of belief. And unless you can break that down, it doesn't matter what else you do."


The church has responded to the films release saying what they always seem to say.  Everyone is lying and they don't suck.  I have no personal experience with the religion (with any religion for that matter) BUT...

I do know that paying thousands of dollars to be fucking mind audited by a believer using a machine from 1978 who makes like $1 an hour is probably complete bullshit.

I do know that any church that asks its parishioners to sign a one-billion-year pledge to "symbolize their eternal commitment to the religion" is certainly at least questionable as all hell.

I do know enough not to drink any sketchy ass Kool-Aid.

IMO - You'd all do well not to drink that shit either.

The release date is May 16.  

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