Jenelle Evan's Fiance Nathan Griffith Got Arrested Again

Called this one...

Super arrestable Teen Mom 2 couple, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, are in hot water with the local popo again after Nathan was arrested when cops were called to the couple's shack twice on Wednesday.  He was charged with criminal domestic violence.

Nathan is just one of a long list of hapless bastards - who chose Jenelle Evans as a soulmate - to do time in the clink for altercations with the Teen Mom non mom.  Exes Kieffah, Gary and fellow Olive Garden groupie Courtland all did a stint for similar accusations.

If you ask me, they ALL seem to have pretty piss poor relationship skills.

Sez the police report >

-Griffith entered the master bathroom inside the home and pinned Evans to the toilet and forcibly removed her engagement ring. The altercation left Evans with a cut on her finger, the report said.

-An MTV security crew ran inside the home during the altercation after hearing Evans screaming.

-Griffith told police he never touched Evans and that she took the ring off, causing the cut.

These jerkoffs need to get a couple of J-O-B's, yo.  Too much damn free time on their hands...

Nathan's in jail and is set to have a bond hearing today.  No word on that yet.    

Jenelle alluded to the brawl on twitter but hasn't gone into details.  She is currently in a custody battle with her mother Barbara Evans over Jace, the 5 year old son she barely had custody of, so this shit is not a good look.

Griffith has a daughter Emery he doesn't have custody of either (yeesh) and the two have custody of a son Kaiser together.  

Obvi I don't wish any sort of violence on anyone but Jenelle isn't exactly known for being the most truthful person.  For realz...Watch out for her, boys!  

And for fuck's sakes stop knocking her up and getting engaged to her!

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