Man Burnt Himself Praying Over Hot Ass Fajitas at Applebee's - Tries to Sue

Over in Jersey, a former fajita lover named Hiram Jimenez, was just about to get his nosh on when he paused to bow his head over his meal of Mexican yumminess to say a prayer.

It did not go well.

According to the court report (italicized) >

-He bowed his head to pray over the crackling plate, and some oil popped and burned his face. 

Yeah, fajitas are pretty effing hot and they spray like a bitch because they serve 'em on those hot ass skillets.  Avoid putting faces directly above them.

-He then panicked and knocked the plate in his lap, causing more burns, none of which resulted in scars.

Ok, kind of giggled at that (shame on me) because I know that the worst thing you can do in any situation, let alone one involving possible grease burns, is panic.  You GOTS to keep it cool.  The CSI fan in me is also a little curious about how knocking a plate of oily fajitas into your lap "causing more burns" wouldn't leave scars.  I burn myself ALL the time because I like to have a few glasses of wine when I cook (amIrightladies?) and sometimes my bitch oven burns me.  There are always scars.  Always. 

-He said his waitress failed to alert him that his meal was hot. 

Um, this is pretty common sense.  Some food is hot.  You can distinguish which foods are hot using minimal brain usage, if any.  Tell tale signs include sizzling, smoke and a somewhat "melty" look. 

-He is seeking damages on the grounds that he suffered "serious and permanent" injuries "solely as a result of (Applebee's) negligence when he came in contact with a dangerous and hazardous condition, specifically, "a plate of hot food."

Ugh.  Though it's totes cool (yeah I rock totes sometimes) that he wants to pray to God and thank him for inventing man who in turn created Applebee's, he needs to get a grip and just be more careful around sizzling skillets of deliciousness. 

A trial judge dismissed the suit (duh) finding that "Applebee's had no duty to warn Jimenez 'against a danger that is open and obvious' like a sizzling hot plate of fajitas."

Jimenez even appealed it (seriously - grip, get one) but the appellate court told him "Applebee's can't be held responsible because the hot food posed an a risk that should be 'self-evident' and thus 'approached with due care.'"

Sorry brah got burnt but you gotta pay attention!  Life isn't all la di da hope I don't get hurt or die.

That's a good tip.  Write that shit down.

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