The Official Ted Two Trailer is Out and It Kicks Ass - VIDEO

On June 26th Ted Two hits theatres and it looks pretty effing saaaa-weet!

Ted marries that hilariously stupid trashbag Tammy-Lynne from the first movie and sets out to have a baby with her but obvi with a serious lack of dick comes a serious lack of sperm.  Luckily, his superhot BFF Johnny is willing to supply Ted with the babymaking juice.

But aye, just as things are coming up sperm covered roses for Ted and Tammy-Lynne they get a letter from the government wanting proof that he's a person before they'll let them have a kid.

So what's a teddy bear to do???

Motherfucker takes it to the courts!  That's what.

Armed with that fine ass Amanda Seyfried as their lawyer, he and Johnny set off to sue the government for Ted's civil rights.

Hilarity ensues...

Check it out >

Hahaha "We could totally be lawyers."  That's funny shit.

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