Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith Break Up...on Twitter

Freakin' shit show...

So it looks like resident Teen Mom morons Jenelle Evans and Nathan "Mongo" Griffith have ended their super trashy relationship just weeks after getting engaged.  Nathan appears to be the one who ended it via a couple of fuck you very much tweets.

Mongo no like!  Mongo feel mad!

I don't know what the eff happened to get Mongo's panties in a bunch but I do know that Jenelle's ex-husband Courtland came rollin' into town and some sort of trouble ensued...

It came to a head today when Mongo posted his above Me No Happy tweets and Courtland got all super sap and posted some shit about his undying love for roast beef.

Awwww...I'm kinda crushing on Courty B right now...

Jenelle hasn't replied to any of the boy drama but did just tweet and delete this >

Not too sure if someone texted him this (lol I have like no facts on this blog post - they're confusing y'all!) or what but Yowza!  Jenelle goes apeshit when he talks to another chick!  Looking at sexy bikini pics is, I'm sure, frowned upon.

Ugh.  I miss Kieffah.

UPDATED:  They are back together and have yet to mention the shit show that ended their union on twitter...ain't love grand?

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