This Chick Beat Up Her Mother with a Vibrator

Oh snap!  That's a DILDON'T!

Last Sunday night cops were called when 60 yo Sheryl Claffy was assaulted by her 35 yo daughter Cara with a vibrator.

Boom.  Drop the mic and walk away...

Though the two both admitted they had been arguing, daughter dearest insists that she definitely did not smack her mother in the head with a sex toy.  She maintains that her mother hit herself in the head with it lol.

For fuck's sakes idiots, if you're gonna lie at least lie well!

The vibrator was recovered (in some dude's car on the floor for some reason - who are these people?) and it was identified as the daughters.  She was apprehended at a nearby house and arrested for being the shittiest daughter ever domestic abuse.   

Aside from the obvious DISGUSTINGNESS of being hit so hard with a sex toy your head bleeds, who the hell hits their mother with anything???  That is just wrong!  It's like slapping a puppy, man...with your dick...you just don't do it.

Not cool, lady!  Make better choices. 

Image Via www.thesmokinggun.com

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