22 Lb Cat With "History of Violence" Holds Family Hostage

CAT ASS trophe, yo!

Over in Oregon last Sunday, a 22 lb cat named Lux took the family it lived with hostage until police were able to save them...

So stupid...

The cat had apparently become super pissy when the family's 7 month old son pulled its tail.  Lux scratched the grabby kid on the forehead, the boy's father kicked Lux and that is when the cat shit hit the fan!

Lux went all ImaCrazyBitch and "trapped" the family in a bedroom.

My eyes have just rolled outta my damn head...

"We're trapped, he won't let us out of our door," the father told 911 dispatchers as his family hid because he's a pussy wussy (allegedly).  "The cat has gone over the edge. He's trying to attack us -- he's very hostile. He's at our door. He's charging us."

Now, I have a pretty fat fucking cat, The Judge is 20 lbs of fabulous and a whole lotta attitude (shout out to mah boo whoot whoot) >>>

But even if he was attacking me (PS he would never do that because he's my wittle chunky monkey) I'm like 99% sure I could take him!  And I didn't mention this, but check this > they had a DOG and the mofo just hid with them!  This cat is going all Chris Brown on the kid and the stupid dog hides?  #DogFail  No no... #EPICDogFail

Boom.  Just threw some mad hashtag shade....        

The police report says that officers apprehended the cat as it was "attempting to flee custody" (that's pretty funny) and also added that "Officers were able to outwit the high-strung Himalayan and safely place the cat inside its crate."

Well that's good.  I know I prefer police officers who are able to outwit cats.

The family says Lux has always had a "history of violence" (that's some badass shit) so they are not sure what their next crazy cat owning steps may be.

Oh and check it...there's a 911 tape lol and it's just as stupid as you think it's gonna be...

Image Via www.globeandmail.com

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