If Any of Y'all Showered For Some Sketchy Dude in Montreal Call the Cops

Meet Carlos Palomino.  Carlos is 43 and lives in Montreal.  He enjoys wearing blue t-shirts, ignoring basic hygiene and oh yeah, Carlos is A BIG STOOPID JERK PERVERT!

Over in separatist-happy Quebec (Montreal more specifically) this fucking douchebag has been rippin' around for like half a decade conning his way into women's houses and watching (sometimes fondling) them in the shower!


Here's the scam >

Carlos Pervertmino there had a female accomplice (shame on you, bitch!) who would call homes and claim she was calling from Hydro-Quebec.  She would let the women who answered know that a technician would be by soon and they should get ready to take a shower when he arrives.  Carlos McCreepy would show up as said technician and "using all sorts of excuses, like he needed help, the man would then either watch them bathe or in some cases fondle them."  Gross.

Local police have seven reported cases thus far and are looking for anyone else who was groped (or watched) in the shower by this dude to come forward.  (Call Info-Crime at 514-393-1133)

Now, I'm not one to blame the victim or anything but what the hell ladies?!?!  No hydro technician EVER needs to watch you shower while fondling you to fix your electricity!

Come on, now.  That shit doesn't even make sense!

Image Via www.ottawacitizen.com

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