Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast in Next Lady Gaga Video

Pop culture crossover, bitches!!!

E News is reporting that slutpig Lady Gagme Gaga has cast the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her newest video.

According to the non-news news site the concept was the pop tart's idea and she will be directing the video which B T Dubs will also have a Miss Andy in it too.

Love me some Andy...

BUT > Ch'all know who's not in it thouuuuugh?

Two of the BH biotches will be MIA for the vid (E doesn't say why) and it's none other than Jacqueline Joyce and fall down drunk, LeAnn hating Brandi (who may have been cast but missed it because she's generally too drunk to know what fucking day it is.)

They didn't even mention Yolanda - one of my faves whoot! - in the article so I'm not too sure if Ryan Seacrest is mad at her dutch ass or David Foster made some calls and she is in fact now Lady Gaga...hard to tell what's what sometimes with today's shoddy journalism.

The shoot is taking place today at Hearst Castle.

Bleh.  Stupid music industry...I miss Kurt Cobain.

Image Via www.vulture.com

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