$3000 Worth of Butt Plugs Stolen From Truck In Ottawa

That...is some random shit...

About 15 mins away from my crib near downtown Ottawa, a theft has taken place...a nefarious sex toy theft where more than $3k in "jeweled butt plugs, collars, whips and more" were stolen from the back of a truck while a "sex party" went on in inside.

Sex parties?  Butt plug filled trucks?  Quoi?

Since Canadians never lock our shit up the horny thief got away with a buttload! (No pun intended)  The actual list is lengthy and includes:

Four drool ball gags (two made of rubber), nine collars, three leashes with braided handles, two corset collars, four sets each of wrist and ankle cuffs, a set of leather handcuffs, 15 dog tags, and a cherry red latex dress.


The owner/maker of the items is known as a "sex master" in the BDSM community in Ottawa (who knew?) but also apparently has a day job that is not so um, cool? shall we say? so he is refusing to submit an actual police report.  His friend is the one who came forward with details about the Gloucester incident.

Now the Sex Master and his partner (the stolen red latex dress was a gift for his partner - Awww!) have been contacting sex shops asking them to be on the lookout for some shady looking bejeweled butt plugs and have also posted to Reddit urging that anyone "who finds someone bragging about a sexy score" to let them know.

No judgement or anything - if you want to stick jeweled plugs up your asshole that's your deal - but don't go stealing them!  Stealing is wrong!


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