Kimye's Krappy New Video Premieres on Ellen

Hahahaha!  These guys make it just TOO damn easy...

Best parents ever Kim and Kanye Kartrashian made a video together, y'all!  (No not THAT kind of video...)

They made a "music" video which Yeezus (*rolling eyes*) previewed on Ellen.  Essentially it's Kim and Kanye banging on a motorcycle while riding through the desert.

Have fun watching that one, North!

Though the two egomaniacs insist that it's artistic (that's Lady Gagme's line, bitches!) the krappy video is nothing more than a watered down sex tape.  Check it out...(Note - it's pretty gross.  He's thrusting lol and her damn signature mouth agape O Face is all over this shit.)    

I have NEVER seen a dude put nails so quickly into his own career coffin I kind of feel bad for the guy...but then I hear him speak...

Image Via www.youtube.com

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