Ack! LamLam Made a Hot Mess "Rap" Video

Oh this is just all sorts of wrong!

Looks like Lam Lam is still taking a break from the non-reality reality of Kartrashian land and has taken up making videos!

I swear they need to start selling computers with breathalyzers...

Lam Lam and that bitchboy Jamie (that dude from Khloe and Lamar's bastard installment of the Keeping Up franchise) took to the internets to post this little nugget of fuckery where the two lifelong friends appear nekkid (at least shirtless), fairly inebriated and slurring their way through some sort of mumbly Joe rap garbage in a bathroom.

Yeah...they're also sweating quite profusely...it's a bit of a whatthefuck sort of thing...

I can barely make out anything these cuckoomachoos are saying but they do seem to mention "bitches" a lot and not being able to "breathe."  You just KNOW that shit's about one of those shady K broads!  He also slurs "When Khloe's out of town, I still be going on the DL."


Don't get me wrong, guy obvi needs help and addiction is def a disease so I hope he gets some help with whatever the hell is making him act up.  So...where's the freakin' cavalry?


His dad (a vet - mad props and thanks for his service) has been pretty much shunned by the KKlan since he tried to intervene, his baby mama and him have had issues since he married Khloe after only knowing her for 9 weeks, his kids are too young to be involved, Kris Jenner is shitting her designer pants somewhere on damage control and his wife?  The one who has the most "unbreakable" bond with him?  She's on fabu vacations!  (She calls it work but let's be realz.)  His loving wife has been to South Africa, Australia and Amsterdam in the past week.  She's also been SUPER BUSY tweeting pics of the super cute outfits she plans on wearing.

(I'm not even joking - check out her tweets.)

Looks like he's down to his bathroom rap partna Jamie and that guy looks like he doesn't know whether to wind his ass or scratch his watch.

Here's hoping someone steps in soon.  Sucks to see an athlete go out like that. 

Image Via www.abcnews.com

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