Zonkey Alert! Half Zebra - Half Donkey Born in Italy

OH MY GOD!  I just want to take this little piece of angel food cake home and love her and pet her and possibly ride her around my ghetto ass neighborhood while drinking beer!

Suck on that, PETA!

Recently, over in an animal reserve in Italy, a donkey and a zebra had themselves some sexy times resulting in the AWESOME little nugget of cute, Ippo (pictured above).  Her father is a horny ass zebra and her mother is a slutty donkey - apparently, they'd been trying to screw each other for a while before the zebra finally said eff it, hopped the fence between them and rocked the donkey's world.  Obvi he knocked her up with little Ippo up there and the rest is superadorbs inter-species history.

There is only one other Zonkey in captivity.  A 3 YO over in Georgia - the keepers over there say that their Zonkey is doing fine and the other animals embrace it as opposed to ostracizing it.  That's beautiful.

Yay animals!

Editor's Note:  If you see my dumb ass in a future news story about stealing a Zonkey and riding it around drunk - just know I had mad fun, don't tell my ma and send bail.  Thanks!

Image Via www.grist.org

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