Teresa and Juicy Joe Giudice Hit with a 39 Count Indictment

This...is not so fabulicious.

Teresa Jew-Dee-Chee and her Juicy jerk of a hubby may really be up shit creek without a paddle now!  The legally-challenged couple has had their share of trouble in the past but this time it looks like someone may actually finally be going to jail for the frauds they've been committing since in or around 2001.

Allegedly ;).

The twosome are facing a 39 count indictment and could go to jail for up to 50 years!  (Here's the indictment.)

Mama Mia!

Charges include some shady ass bankruptcy filings, five year long tax evasion issues and fraudulent mortgage/loan dealings.  Well god damn!  I knew they were ripping off the system but I didn't know they weren't paying taxes and shit!  Perhaps it isn't the best idea to go on a reality show when you're a crook.  That's pretty ballsy!  JUICY BALLLLLLS!

Twitter is blowing up and as always there are two camps of thought on this...

Some people want the Skinny Italian cook book thrown at them and some (Trehuggers as they're known) seem to be very much behind the couple claiming that it's all a mistake of sorts.  Some Trehuggers even blame Bravo and Andy for the whole ordeal which is so fucking stupid I can't even believe it.

Personally, I'm not Team Melissa OR Team Teresa...but I am Team Don't Be a Fucking Moron, and they don't just charge you with not paying your taxes unless they can prove you didn't file your taxes.  Courts are funny like that - They don't care how fabu you think you are.

Teresa posted this a little earlier and will be pleading Not Guilty.  No word from the Juicy one yet.

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I'll take Milania, man!  I love that little firecracka!

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