Haha! This Guy Tried to Sneak a Pet Turtle Onto a Plane Disguised as a KFC Hamburger

A master of disguises, identified only as a dude with the surname Li, was trying to sneak his pet turtle onto a flight from Southern China to Beijing when he was caught all stupid handed as security officials realized the "KFC hamburger" he was bringing on board was actually his pet turtle.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  KFC hamburger?!?!?!  What the fuck is a KFC hamburger?  It's not Kentucky Fried Burger, bitch!


When the idiot's luggage was screened - aside from being something that isn't real - the "KFC hamburger" had some suspect "protrusions" (protrusions that looked exactly like the legs of a turtle sticking out of a made up burger) and they asked him if they could take a peeky poo.

They also asked him, "Sir, are there any turtles in your bag?" and he replied, "There's no turtle in there, just a hamburger, there's nothing special to see inside."


Since most airport screeners are not blind and "KFC hamburgers" don't exist, they took a look and...

Surprise!  Surprise!  Fake ass KFC turtle burger!

Li didn't get in trouble and simply ended up giving his turtle to a friend to watch.

Nice try, buddy!  Next time try jamming your stupid turtle into a sandwich that exists.

*Image Via www.flickr.com (via user flaunted)

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