Kanye West Smacked Another Photographer Around

Oh Kanye!  You are such a dickhead!

Kim's babydaddy (which is what I am calling this asshole from now on - cuz I like to poke the bear, yo) had yet ANOTHER violent altercation with a pap.

This time (it happened Friday at LAX)  instead of it being kind of funny - see stupidly hilarious video below - he was more aggressive Chris Brown than crazy Amanda Bynes and got all violent as shit on the pap.

Not cool!

Supposedly felony charges may be looming and I, for one, say lock this bitch up!  I'm sure the paps are annoying as fuck but you CAN'T touch someone!  You just can't!  This isn't Thunderdome!

And who the hell knocks up that skanky famewhore Kimmie Cakes if he wants to be left alone anyways???  Like get a clue, douche.  Perhaps the most wrongly photographed porn star on the planet isn't someone you should knock up if you're concerned about privacy...I mean, I'm no genius but I went to college and shit...I have common goddamn sense!

Here's the VIDEO.

Kris Jenner says he was having a "bad day" so god help that baby or Kim's stupid ass if he has a bad day at home.  I know the first thing I look for in a babydaddy is a violent, uncontrollable temper!

Good luck to Kim and her direction named baby...and SHAME on him for making me feel sorry for Kim who stands for pretty much everything I am against.


Fun fact:  This is the same pap who got Brit Brit so pissed off she dropped her Cheetos and attacked his car with her umbrella lol.  That's his car in the pic below...

It really is a small world.

Images Via www.dailymail.co.uk

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