Kate Stoltzfus From Breaking Amish is in Maxim Now...

Um, holy get a tan already...

First off, what the hell kind of a last name is that?  Not to mock the bitch's name but it is all sorts of messed up when 4 consonants are in a row, n'est pas?  That's like slappin' English in the face or something, and I for one - though I write colloquially on this here blog, have mad respect for English.

Secondly, what the eff is she wearing???  Screw shunning her for leaving the Amish because she felt oppressed, she should be shunned for wearing that shit!  I'm shunning her ass from my house for the shorts alone!

(Yeah, I'm definitely going to hell for that one...)

Anywho, Kate CrazyLastName from Breaking Amish, which is MAH JAM, is now a Girl of Maxim!


Now, I don't know what the hell a Girl of Maxim is but it seems to have something to do with showing side titty and pooping out fairly obvious quotes.  When I Googled this nonsense it listed a whole whack of people with big boobies but the only ones I recognized were Topanga, that sexy biotch Joanna Krupa, Sean Avery's "sloppy seconds" Elisha Cuthbert and Lindsay Lohan before her face was all jacked up.

You can check it out here but she mainly says useless shit like eating vegetables is healthy and that she misses gardening.  *Rolling Eyes*  There's also a behind the scenes vid but I chose not to watch it because I watch too much stupid shit as it is.

Editor's Note:  Team Jeremiah.  Abe and Rebecca are complete dickheads.

Images Via www.maxim.com

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