Gorgeous George Clooney and That Wrestler Broke Up

There is nothing sadder than the end of the random love between a movie star and a wrestler...

Pffft.  Yeah right.

Sources (and by sources I mean the stupid internet) are saying that Booker from Roseanne and Hot Chyna broke up a few weeks ago but kept quiet about it because they didn't want everyone all up in their tear flavored Kool Aid or some such nonsense.

It's being said that Keibler broke up with his fine ass because he wouldn't knock her up with his sexy million dollar sperm.

I, for one, am SHOCKED!  SHOCKED that a man who is known for being anti-hubby/anti-babydaddy didn't want to get married and have kids!

Again...Pffft.  PFFF-FUCKING-FFFT!


Image Via www.lifeandstylemag.com

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