This Guy Threw a Spear at a Car Before Rocking This Amazing Mug Shot

I worry about a lot of weird things...I worry about shit like random space junk falling and hitting me, about whether or not the SPF on my sunscreen is legit or even whether or not the menu at a restaurant I'm eating at is caked in invisible feces...

My ma pretty much instilled in me at a young age that at any moment anything can happen and if it does it will most likely end in death.  I know...That's messed up, eh? ;)

Anywho, one thing I didn't worry about is the fact that some crazy asshole could at any moment throw a random spear at a car I'm driving.

Until now...

Jeffrey Jones, a 56 year old crazy pants from Florida, was just randomly standing in the middle of the road one evening with a goddamn spear for some reason when he decided to chuck it at a passing car.  It got lodged in the fender but everyone is all right.  The man was obvi arrested for being a a psycho who throws spears or some such thing and posed/yawned for that epic hella unsexy mug shot!


I mean honestly, who throws a spear?

Image Via www.sacramento.cbslocal.com

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