Duchess Kate and Prince William Had a Royal Baby Boy

Boom!  Royal baby in da howssssse!

The world (and by the world I mean the media) has been waiting with bated breathe for the Duchess of Cambridge to pop out her royal heir and today is the day!  At 4:24 PM she gave birth to a son, weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. at the same hospital William and super-bangable Harry were born.  The name is yet to be announced.

I knew it was gonna be a boy!  Damn me and my cheapo weapo hesitance to participate in pools!

William was with her but the rest of the family was AWOL.  I kept watching stupid CNN to see if Prince Harry's fine ass would show up from base but what with his new responsibilities as an apache helicopter commander he prob couldn't get away.

Editor's Note:  That sexy bitch can command my apache ANY DAY!  Am I right, ladies? ;)

The baby is now third in line for the throne which bumps Prince Wannabang Harry down to fourth but I don't think he's really into all that pomp and circumstance anyway.

Obligatory NEKKID Harry photoooooo...

But enough about my horniness!  This day isn't about THAT!  Congrats to the couple!  Amped everything went all right.

All the best!

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