Kimye Names Baby North West...

Good grief!  Like we needed another reason to razz on these guys...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's celebuspawn finally has an official name according to TMZ.  The egomaniacal couple went with the name North West for some unknown and possibly stupid reason though previous reports by those filthy liars at Media Take Out had already dubbed the kid Kaidence.

Gah!  Why not just put a sign on the kid that says, Knock me over and steal my shit?

Kids be cruel, yo!

It's kind of odd they didn't use a K name though - I seem to recall her calling shotgun on K names when she was duping that jock strap Kris Humphries into marrying her...And you KNOW pimpmama Kris is probably all sorts of ticked that baby didn't end up a Kardashian since Kim isn't a West herself yet.

And so it goes...

Image Via www.danterants.blogspot.com

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