Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans got Knocked Up Again...

Aw helllllll naw...

Teen Mom 2's resident fuck up, Jenelle Rogers is preggers again!  That is just soooo effed up!

The hot mess of an absent mother has a son Jace that her super awesome mom Babs has had custody of for about 4 years because she "can't stop smoking weed" and has generally spent the bulk of that time watching Ke$ha videos on YouTube and failing drug tests.  In the past month or so she married some bumlicker named Courtland Rogers (WTF kind of bullshit name is Courtland???) who has a history of drug abuse, a baby mama he twitter fights with on a daily basis and a criminal record.

The two lovebirds are now with child.  Awesome.  I miss Kieffer.

Jenelle announced the news on twitter because she mentions everything down to when she takes a shit on twitter and seems pretty pleased with herself that her mouthbreathin' hubby forgot to wrap his dick up one night after a Stickam sesh.  He seems equally stoked but I'm pretty sure he's just in it for the MTV check...he's like a more loser-y version of K-Fed and that's pretty damn bad.

Jenelle has allegedly been sober for two months and says she's 4 weeks along so hopefully the kid doesn't catch the ass end of her last bender or anything but I'm not too sure how long drugs last in your system or how many of her stupid special drinks she sucked down to flush the toxic shit outta her womb before baby took refuge in her belly.

Bottom line...This isn't going to end well.  Good luck, kid.

Image Via www.twitter.com

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