Michelle Tanner Designed a $55K Bag With Pills on It

HA!  What a crock of shit fashion has become!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have added a new bag to their pretentious clothing line The Row and shit is fuuuuugly as hell!

The backpack type bag (co-designed with Damien Hirst) costs 55,000 goddamn dollars, is made of nile crocodile and covered in prescription pill appliques.  He glued appliqued the pills on each one slightly differently so that doesn't matter at all...  

The website pooped this out of their keyboard >

"Damien Hirst / The Row - Multicolored Perscription Pills

Available for purchase from 12/12/12. Exclusive to Just One Eye and only one in a rare, limited edition of 12, this incredible piece features numerous multicolored prescription pill appliqués, specially created by Damien Hirst. This one-of-a-kind wearable art work features original art by Hirst, meticulously applied to front, back, and straps, of The Row's beautifully crafted backpack, the centerpiece design of their 2012 collection. Using traditional techniques, this stunning backpack was crafted in Italy and made with specially sourced materials. Created of black patent leather Nile crocodile, the backpack's many features include internal detachable handle, adjustable canvas straps, internal zip-fastening, slit pockets, and small gold-plated brass feet at base. Each backpack is fully lined in the highest quality leather and comes with metal mirror plate and case, as well as designer-stamped gold-plated brass hardware. Signed by Damien Hirst."

I wouldn't exactly say I "researched" this too much save for tearin' through a Gawker article so I'm not sure if the pills are real or not...If they are wouldn't gnarly druggie hobos be ripping them off people's bags - the glue's a bonus! - actually hobo schmobo, I grew up around a few Richie McLoopyLous and those guys can riiiip!  I don't know who's on what but I know it lasts from like brunch to last man standing!  And NO ONE can drink that much damn wine straight up!

Image Via www.justoneeye.com   

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