Lay's Pepsi-Chicken Potato Chips Exist

First, lemme say - I am ALL about amalgamating shit!  Don't get it twisted, I understand...we're busy people!  We like food that comes in a bag and can be eaten on the go!  If it has drink-like qualities, so much the better!

Can't be dicking around cooking nourishing food and waiting for the goddamn slow ass tap to fill up our Britas with filtered water!  (I HATE THAT!)  Thing is, you can't just put some crap together, say TaDaaaa and sell it to Chinese people...


Well, that's not how the geniuses (possibly potheads) over at PepsiCo (owners of Lay's) see it!  They have launched Pepsi-Chicken flavored potato chips in China.

Ad Age says of the monstrosity, "[it's] the marriage of two Pepsi brands in a single product...[and is] vaguely similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste."

Bleh - Barbeque is just a bullshit flavor people only buy if the stupid store is out of the other ones.  It's the red-haired stepchild of chips...Everyone knows that!

Apparently, the flavor is quite popular in China because the Chinese are sick and tired of opening pop cans and cooking chickens (that last part may or may not be true) but they also enjoy penis fish there too...

Personally, I don't trust taste buds that eat penis fish.

Image Via www.foodista.com

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