The TLC Trailer for Amish Mafia is Off the Hook! VIDEO

Holy shit!  I thought this was a joke the first time I heard about it!

TLC (via Discovery), home of such quality programming as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, thinks it may have scored a new hit show by taking Breaking Amish, mixing in some freakin' Boondock Saints and giving us...


The NY Post says, "The series, which follows on the heels of sister network TLC's top-rated (and extremely controversial) "Breaking Amish," centers around tough-guy Levi and his henchmen Alvin, Jolin and John — who quietly enforce justice and protect the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, while church elders look the other way and no one asks questions."

Um...What the fucking fuck?

Number one - Are the Amish allowed to be filmed and shit?  I thought they weren't even allowed to take a dump in their houses???

Number two - They should prob keep this sort of thing on the DL, man!  This seems pretty intense and highly illegal to me lol...

Check it out >>>

The Amish are badass!

Image Via www.youtube.com


  1. Maybe you shouldn't post about something that you clearly have no knowledge of.

  2. It's the most ridiculous show I've seen in a long fucking time

  3. What the fuck, this is a show for people who have no clue who the Amish are. They do not allow them selves to be recorded, period. Even the librial secs do not allow it, I can not believe a network that calls them selves the discovery channel would allow such fiction. Did the Discovery Channel give up on real educational shows and just sell out?